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  • Northeast Grown Organic Tomato Puree 25.5oz
  • In 2016 we bottled over 40,000 lbs of locally grown tomatoes!
  • Each of our kettles holds 600 pounds of uncooked tomatoes, we steam these, drain off the water, then pack it into quart size glass mason jars and get them back to the farms. Our local farms sell their tomatoes (in canned form) throughout the winter and spring, and we sell our own version of tomato puree to stores in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Organic Tomato Puree

Expected release date is 25th Nov 2019

Product Description

A staple in anyone's pantry, great as a base for pasta sauce, pizza sauce, soups, and stews. This is a fantastic alternative to California grown canned tomatoes. Rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, certified organic, and packed in glass. In efforts to eat locally year round, this is a great addition to your cupboards.

How this product came to be: since 2006 we have been co-packing tomato puree for a handful of organic farms in the Pioneer Valley to include in their CSA shares and sell at farmers markets. Over the years we found that even after purchasing the tomatoes we needed for our salsa, and packing tomatoes into mason jars for the farms, many of our local farms still had an excess of tomatoes, especially during bumper crop years. In September of 2014 we decided to purchase extra tomatoes from the farms to make an Appalachian Naturals version of the tomato puree, to help encourage consumers to buy locally grown and produced organic canned tomatoes from our region. If you are used to buying canned tomatoes from California, give this item a try, we think you'll be surprised by how fresh it tastes.

Ingredients: *Organic tomatoes, citric acid.   *Local farm ingredient

Did you know? The majority of the vitamins found in tomatoes are held in the seeds and skins, for this reason we do not remove the skins or seeds from our tomato puree.


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