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Restaurants and Cafes please contact the following local (Berkshire County and parts of Hampshire County):

static1.squarespace.com.jpg Marty's Local : 413.537.3460 or http://www.martyslocal.com


If you would like to carry our retails size products in your store or farm stand please contact one of our distributors to set up an account:

Associated Buyers (New England) (603)664-2424. Associated Buyers distributes all of our retail size products in the New England region as well as most of NY state.

Garden Spot Foods (Mid-Atlantic) (717)354-4936. Garden Spot distributes all of our salad dressings as well as our Organic Tomato Puree in the Mid Atlantic region as well as some New England locations.

Marty's Local (Western Massachusetts) (413)347-9401. Marty's Local distributes all of our products including our food service size gallons to western MA stores, restaurants, colleges, and institutions.

Rainforest Distribution (Mid-Atlantic) (201) 683-7953. Rainforest Distribution distributes the following dressings to the Mid Atlantic region: Ginger Miso, Buttermilk Ranch, Wildflower Honey Dijon, Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette, Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette.



If you are in the Pioneer Valley and would like to set-up a direct wholesale account please contact us at sales@AppalachianNaturals.com or by calling (413)559-0816.

If you are outside of western Massachusetts and would like to set-up a wholesale account and have product shipped to your store, please contact us at info@AppalachianNaturals.com.