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Harvest Bean Salad

Harvest Bean Salad: 
2 C      Cooked Black-eyed Peas (rinsed) 
2 C      Cooked small red beans 
2 C      Fresh green beans 
1C       Purple cabbage shredded & rinsed 
1          Red bell pepper seeded & diced 
1          Yellow bell pepper seeded & diced 
2           Tomatoes (diced) 
6 oz       Kalamata olives (pitted and coarsely chopped) 
24         Asparagus stalks 
12 oz    Appalachian Naturals Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette 
12 oz    Feta cheese 

Prep: Cut a half  inch off the bottoms of asparagus stalks. Steam for 3 minutes, cut into 1 inch pieces, rinse and drain. Combine beans, cabbage, peppers, and asparagus in a large mixing bowl. Toss well. Cover & chill for 3 hours. When ready to serve add vinaigrette and toss well. Top with crumbled feta cheese.

Simple Bean Salad:

1 can       Small red beans (rinsed well)
1 can       Black eyed peas (rinsed well)
1 cup       Purple cabbage (shredded & rinsed)
1/2 cup    Coarsely chopped fresh parsley (rinsed well)
1/2 cup    Appalachian Naturals Vinaigrette (Pomegranate, Cilantro Lime, or Honey Balsamic)